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December 2018

Christmas scene: model of a crib


Personally, I sometimes have a tough time celebrating Christmas.

Consumer madness, stress, last christmas – I don‘t even understand why people still talk of a „silent time“. And I‘m more

Friedrich Nitzsche

Amor fati

Amor fati. – Friedrich Nietzsche
I came across this quote lately, when thinking about my own future. I have this trait to (over)think decisions or events that might or might

Weekly learnings week 47

Quote of the week
Complaining is silly. Either act or forget. – Stefan Sagmeister
Weekly thoughts
The last few weeks I was thinking about the structure of my weekly learnings post. I

Austrian ex-chancellor Bruno Kreisky

How all of this happened – Austrian edition

How this happened in America
Last week I read this article from Morgan Housel: „How this all happened“ (Morgan Housel – How this all happened). I’ll quickly summarize it here,