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Christmas scene: model of a crib


Personally, I sometimes have a tough time celebrating Christmas.

Consumer madness, stress, last christmas – I don‘t even understand why people still talk of a „silent time“. And I‘m more

Friedrich Nitzsche

Amor fati

Amor fati. – Friedrich Nietzsche
I came across this quote lately, when thinking about my own future. I have this trait to (over)think decisions or events that might or might

Austrian ex-chancellor Bruno Kreisky

How all of this happened – Austrian edition

How this happened in America
Last week I read this article from Morgan Housel: „How this all happened“ (Morgan Housel – How this all happened). I’ll quickly summarize it here,

Photograph of Sir Alex Ferguson, Coach of Manchester United F.C.

The tyranny of metrics

Lately I was thinking a lot about a story that I read a while ago.
Sir Alex Ferguson‘s biggest mistake
Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the legends in international football

Howard McGhee, Brick Fleagle and Miles Davis, ca September 1947

On Jazz and Classical Music

In 2003 the 16-year old me went into a music store with his father. It had taken years of continuous persuasion but finally I had been convinced by my

Reflections on Victor Frankl’s meaning of life

On Friday, September 25, 1942 the 37-year old psychologist Victor Frankl was brought to the Nazi Ghetto Theresienstadt (Terezin in today’s Czech republic), along his wife and his parents.

Picture of "Großer Priel"

Strain: The art of pushing yourself.

In the beginning of this year I read an article by one of my favorite podcast hosts Patrick O’Shaughnessy about strain and one by the author Ryan Holiday about

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