Christmas scene: model of a crib

Personally, I sometimes have a tough time celebrating Christmas.

Consumer madness, stress, last christmas – I don‘t even understand why people still talk of a „silent time“. And I‘m more than skeptical of the catholic church and some of it’s ideas.

Christmas somehow seems dead to me: A celebration, that is turned into an economic event.

Why do we still celebrate Christmas?

Well. Maybe it‘s not really about what we get sold as Christmas.

It‘s no coincidence that Christmas is celebrated in the days of winter solstice: Christ, the light of the world. From this point on, the days get longer again. The christian symbol of the light‘s victory over the darkness.

Christmas is the time to say Thank You to the light in the world.

Realizing, that nothing‘s for granted: Where we were born, how we were raised, who we became and in which times we are living. Peace, chances, family & friends.

People are not that lucky everywhere in the world.

Christmas is time for the most important things in lives.

Spending time with those, without whom life wouldn‘t make sense. Appreciating the small things of every day’s life, that we usually don‘t notice anymore. Taking some time for ourselves and enjoying the silence.

Maybe Christmas is only that. But maybe Christmas is really that much.


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