Weekly learnings week 47

Quote of the week

Complaining is silly. Either act or forget. – Stefan Sagmeister

Weekly thoughts

The last few weeks I was thinking about the structure of my weekly learnings post. I started this, because I sometimes was reading articles and immediately forgot about the content afterwards. This is why I started taking notes and publish them on a weekly basis on my blog.

However, in the last few days I started to realize that a) I‘m reading more consciously now (achievement unlocked, yay!) but b) the structure of the weekly notes is too fragmented, ie. there is no guiding principle, no red line. 

My aim here should rather be to uncover bigger concepts & ideas, which can be done in a better way than presenting a (seemlingly) independent bunch of article summaries.

This is my first try to do so: Publishing one bigger story from different articles I read (but not neccesarily during the preceding week of course). 

As always, please leave a comment or shoot me a mail if you have any feedback and/or opinion – it‘s greatly appreciated!

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