Hi there and welcome!

I'm Benedict Bleimschein, and I'm passionate about tech, economics and sports. I'm currently running Mindbreeze's office in Chicago, IL as the COO.

This is my private website where I collect things I've learned.

If you want to stay in touch, feel free to connect on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Product Management Handbook

I've collected and written about my learnings of 5 years as a Product Manager at Runtastic (now Adidas Runtastic). You will find ideas around the craft of product management, challenges with change management and ideas how to build and improve a successful product.

Bitcoin & Economics

Digital economies are about to transform the world. Contrary to popular viewpoints, cryptocurrencies will be an integral part as they enable digital scarcity. I've written a collection of essays on the topic to explain crypto in easy words (external link to Substack).

Nifty NFTs Podcast

My friend Thomas and I started an NFT/Web3 Podcast to help identify some signal in the endless noise of Web3 misconceptions and help newcomers navigate the complex world of Crypto tech.