Hi there and welcome!

I’m Benedict Bleimschein, and I’m passionate about tech, economics and sports. I’ve been a Product Manager at Runtastic (now Adidas Running), COO & VP Customer Success at Mindbreeze in Chicago, IL and I’m now working as an experience lead in Application Security at Dynatrace.

This is my private website where I collect things I’ve learned.

If you want to stay in touch, feel free to connect on Twitter or LinkedIn – I’m looking forward!

PS: If you are into fitness and being active, and you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, I might have something for you: Try out my Personal Trainer GPT for free!

Product Management Handbook

I've collected and written about my learnings of 5 years as a Product Manager at Runtastic (now Adidas Runtastic). You will find ideas around the craft of product management, challenges with change management and ideas how to build and improve a successful product.

Bitcoin & Economics

Digital economies are about to transform the world. Contrary to popular viewpoints, cryptocurrencies will be an integral part as they enable digital scarcity. I've written a collection of essays on the topic to explain crypto in easy words (external link to Substack).

Nifty NFTs Podcast

My friend Thomas and I started an NFT/Web3 Podcast to help identify some signal in the endless noise of Web3 misconceptions and help newcomers navigate the complex world of Crypto tech.